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You spend most of the times in your home; it is where your loved one resides. Therefore the cleanliness and living standards of your house cannot be overlooked. SmartPlus House Cleaners have established a fully-fledged residential cleaning wing to put all your house cleaning woes to an end. We employ highly effective and safe house cleaning products and equipment to clean your house interiors as well as premises. Majestic location and impressive design are not enough to make a house look stunning. Big, beautiful houses would not look the way they intended if they are unclean and dust coated. The same time cleaning houses regularly could be an onerous activity, especially in this busy lifestyle. You can leave this laborious chore to us and relax.

We offer one time as well as routine residential cleaning services and deep house cleaning services. We refrain from using harmful chemicals and environmentally hazardous materials in the residential area. We achieve better results with eco-friendly house cleaning products than traditional cleaning products. We take extra care while cleaning houses with children, infants, patients, and the elderly

You don’t have to wait for more to get the perfectly clean house of your dreams; our cleaning lady services are ready to vacuum, dust, and detail clean your home today. The various services done under residential cleaning are


    Floor cleaning:

     Home is where your heart is and the flooring is a substantial part of your home. Floors are the least cared part of a house. Though they look strong and rigid, neglect and improper care would lead to gradual wear and tear of your precious floor. SmartPlus House Cleaners have years of experience in cleaning and maintaining floors and has been delivering quality services in tile and grout cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, and carpet cleaning to our clients. You can count on us to make your floors look best and welcoming. Floors get dirty faster than any other part of the house; therefore we also undertake regular floor cleaning. Houses, especially with kids, will have stubborn ink and other dirt stains on the floors. We can take out any deep spread, obstinate stains from your floor and deliver it crystal clear. Our floor cleaning services are performed by trained technicians by means of innovative products, advanced technology, and the expertise of years of experience.

     Carpet cleaning services:

              Carpet is an integral part of home décor that makes you interiors warm and cozy. Apart from offering the comfort, they also work as a style statement and represent your classiness. Nothing feels as snuggly and luxurious as a clean, warm carpet under your feet. They add a lot of warmness and beauty to your home. But carpets bear the brunt of all the people walking and the kids jumping. Therefore carpets should be regularly cleaned, dirty carpets are the store house of harmful bacteria and this could invite a lot of diseases into your home. Our carpet cleaning services make sure that your carpets continue to look good and comfort you. We will help you reinstate the charm of your expensive carpets and increase its life.

             Self-cleaning with rented equipment can affect the appearance and longevity of your carpet badly. You need experience and expertise to operate the rented equipment without harming the carpet. Do not attempt such dangerous tasks; you have us to do it for you. Our trained professionals know part and parcel of carpet cleaning. They know the right products to use and the right pressure to exert. We remove stains, soil, stubborn spots, and other dirt from the carpet without making the carpet sticky or over wet. The products we will not affect the color or material of the carpet. Rented machinery does not clean the spots well and the cleaning residues are left in the carpet, making it tear. SmartPlus House Cleaners follows a strict and effective cleaning regime to ensure both dirt and cleaning products are removed from your carpets by performing multiple fresh water rinses after the cleaning.

        Hardwood cleaning services: 

             Cleaning and maintaining hardwood is very tricky as one wrong step can your entire floor. Wood is an elegant flooring material. Wood being a natural flooring material, it is subjected to withering and degradation. Our hardwood cleaning technique will not only clean your floors but will also make it to last forever. Our excellent services will renew your hardwood floors each time we clean and you will never have to replace it.

Our hardwood cleaning services are very affordable so that you don’t have to spend more on already expensive floors. Your hardwood floors can get damaged by dirt, stains, pets, kids, high- heels, and traffic. All these can lead to gradual dulling, damaging of the wood and finally degradation. Even if the damage is slight, only expensive methods like sanding and refinishing can save your wooden floors. Our regular hardwood services prevent the onset of damages. Prevention is better than cure and our cleaning methods are the best way to prevent damages without breaking your bank. Our aim is to make your floors look new and lustrous with our services so that you don’t have to resort to expensive methods and harmful practices. Avail our services and worry no more about your hardwood floors. After our extensive wood cleaning services, we give a final touch with our wood glow polish so that you will get an admirable floor. To make the finish to last long and to ensure durability we deploy specially formulated products, trusted equipment, and environment-friendly procedures. Our water-based sealers, finishers, and polishes will dry faster and they exude less harmful fumes when compared oil-based finishes.

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