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Upholstery cleaning services in cochin

Upholstery Cleaning

The sofa is one entity that makes most contact with a guest visiting your house or office, it reflects your hospitality. Make guests, visitors, customers, or employees feel welcome and valued by well-cared, clean and comfortable sofas and other upholstery. Using specially designed cleaning equipment, products and processes, the sofa experts at SmartPlus House Cleaners can restore the charm of your sofas and other upholstered furniture. Apart from removing dust and dirt we disinfectant the sofa cushions which is a breeding place for germs; thereby by making your premises clean as well as healthier. We remove visible dirt as well as hard-to-see contaminants that reside in your sofas like oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Having inexperienced maintenance staff to clean your sofa or cleaning by yourself can cause discoloration or shrinkage of the sofa fabric and can result in imperfect cleaning.

Our expert staff is dexterous at handling different sofa types, textures, fabrics, and blends. They strain out the best cleaning technique that suits each sofa type and they don’t resort to guesswork. Our sofa cleaning techniques remove dirt and stubborn stains effectively and reduce the disintegration of furniture; it eliminates persistent odors from the sofa leaving it smelling and looking good.

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